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Decobot is an independent table-top gaming and collectibles company located in Los Angeles, CA. We are the makers of the RPG card game, Destined Legends.

Destined Legends combines all of the best role-playing game elements in a fun and innovative new gaming experience. Our mission with Destined Legends, is to deliver something completely new that will push the world of tabletop card games to incredible new heights. After a successful crowd-funding campain on Kickstarter, we debut Series 1 of Destined Legends at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. With fans around the world and our success with Series 1, we are now in development of Series 2 of the game.

We are currently scouring the market for prospective resellers and distributors. If you would like to join in, please be sure to contact us soon.

Meet the Destined Legends Team

The Decobot Team

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