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Your Legends are your main focus. They have Health Points that increases with their level, and are strategically defined by an element.

Each Legend brings something different to the game with a unique special ability, called their “Job.”

As you level up your party of Legends, you can equip them with increasingly stronger Weapon Cards. Each weapon has two unique abilities, and one counter ability.

Customize your Weapon Card loadout, depending on your desired strategy and playstyle.

Creature Cards are primarily used to level up. Defeating one legends gains your whole party one level. Letting you equip higher-level Weapons.

You can also use them to create barriers on the Battle Grid, delaying an opponents onslaught.

Sometimes attacking isn’t the best move. Your deck comes loaded with a wide selection of Item Cards that can help defend against attacks, draw much needed cards from your deck, and even finish off a target’s last few HP.

Each deck is outfitted with one Dragon Card. If you happen to draw it during the game, one of your Legends can summon it into battle. Dragons are incredibly strong and can sway the flow of battle in your favor.

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