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Become a Legends.

Control your party of Legends, heroes bestowed with the power of the Dragon Guardians. Each element uses a different battle strategy. Our first two elements are Fire and Dark.

Fire Legends
Fire Legends
Gain Experience.

Play Creature Cards from your hand and defeat them to level up your party.

Expand your Arsenal.

In Destined Legends, you gain new abilities by equipping your party with new Weapon Cards. Work up to your best weapons to gain footing over your opponent.

Play by your strategy.
Strike down your foes.

When the time is right, engage your opponent in battle with a perfectly crafted strategy.

Play by your strategy.

The Destined Legend: Battle Set features the Fire and Dark elements. However, our game features a total of 6 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Dark and Light. Each has a unique pace and strategy to help find the right play-style for you.

The elements of Destined Legends.

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